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Please Note: This page contains important setup information. Please bookmark this page for future reference (https://docs.codelessly.com). A purchase confirmation and link to this page will be sent to your email.

Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase! We're thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

First, let's get you access to the Codelessly Editor.

New Account: If you don't have a Codelessly account yet, please visit https://app.codelessly.com to create an account. Remember to signup using your purchase email as the license is linked to your purchase email. Please reach out to support if you would like to use a different email to create an account.

Existing Account: If you have already created a Codelessly account, your account will be automatically upgraded as long as the purchase email is the same as your account email. Please reach out to support if you purchased using a different email and your account has not been upgraded.

Open the Codelessly Editor: https://app.codelessly.com

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